Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring in Northern Minnesota

Spring has officially been here for a couple weeks, Easter is less than a week away and true to tradition, we will reach a high of a whopping 41 degrees today. In the sun, no doubt. In the morning, we walk over frozen mud, in the afternoon we avoid the salty sludge and try to keep the mud off our shoes - no small feat with a 4 year old. And the fight over winter boots or mud boots or tennies is getting old. It's the time of year where a winter coat is almost too much to wear in the morning and definitely too much in the afternoon but a spring jacket is not quite enough to ward off the damp chill. A common sight during our drive home in the evening is watching retirees shovel the mounds of snow plowed & packed on the edges of lawns into the street to hasten melting. We are DESPERATE people! Our 13 year old has broken out the shorts and flipflops, wearing a hoodie instead of even a light fleece jacket, but always with a knit hat, too long hair curling around the edges. Impatiently shoving hair out of his eyes, he denies the need for a hair cut. But the sun is out, gardens are planned and even planted indoors under sun lamps. Come on spring! We are waiting for you! We are desperate!

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