Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Random Bits this Monday

I should never go to this website when I have anything to do. But maybe you'll like it. It's like solitaire on the computer, so easy to 're-deal' and just do one more before you do whatever you're supposed to do... Also Bejeweled on facebook...

We had Micah's not-really-a-party birthday party yesterday with family and in-laws and family friends. Micah really wanted money, as 14 year olds do, and he got enough to order his new itouch. I think I'm jealous, but I'll let you know for sure after I play with his when it comes. It will also come engraved with his name which we hope will deter thieves as he has now had two ipods go missing. The last one was during the nap he took during the last couple hours on the bus home from the Denver mission trip. Very sad to say he went to sleep with it on & playing and woke up to it being gone. We checked each seat, we dug through the garbage, we hoped someone accidentally scooped it up with their stuff and would give it back when it was discovered. It's been 3 weeks and not a peep. We can only assume that it was stolen by someone on the trip since it was on the bus when it went missing. Very sad. But the new, improved & engraved version is on it's way!

And how about this video? Our God is amazing!!!

Quick book review: I'm reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown and I think it's an OK novel. I'm not sold on the whole Illuminati storyline but do like all the references to historical European locations. And I will admit to being intrigued with the idea that God and science can coexist as belief systems. Which I do agree with. I'm not saying I think that the big bang theory is correct, but I do look at things in nature, things concerning various branches of science, and think what an amazing God we have. Were there dinosaurs on Noah's arc? I don't know. Did that story even happen? Yes. Did the unicorns get left behind? Now I'm getting silly, but I liked that song when I was a kid. My point is, I think God is the creator, which means He created science and I think they can exist together and that's OK, as long as science doesn't become your god. I saw a bumper sticker the other day, " Fine - I evolved (pic of fish w/ legs), you didn't! (pic of Jesus fish sans legs)." I thought it was funny.

My legs hurt today, like I've worked out, but I haven't. I think I would have noticed, but should probably take this opportunity to start, again. I keep saying that we need a membership to Snap Fitness... And we want to set a better example for our kids. So far they are quite slender, but Grace is a grazer and Micah could certainly expand his diet to more fruits & veggies...

Tonight I have laundry, bathing Grace, and I hope to go through and organize the cupboards which are a BIG point of embarrassment. I'll let you know how this all goes.

I haven't been fulfilling my contractual obligations as the family photographer lately, but I'll try to rectify that too and get some on here! I told you this was random! Ta-ta!

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