Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We actually got to eat dinner on the deck last night. It's one of my favorite things to do and because of the completely un-summer-like weather we've been having and busy schedules, July 20th was the first day this actually happened. After dinner, because I said I'd try, I took a couple pictures of the kiddos last night. Grace was happy to pose, Micah not so much.
Grace has finally learned, when she feels like it, that she can actually swing by herself. Though it's easier on the rocket rider, it is definitely a step toward independence! Yay!
On Sunday afternoon, during Micah's birthday gathering, Micah was out swinging in the back with all the kids and suddenly was on the ground. The chain broke, sent him tumbling hard on his tailbone & knocked the wind out of him. Since I didn't take any pictures of the party or Micah writhing on the ground I made him show the damage last night.
Acting like he broke it on purpose with the wiry strength of a 14 year old.
And checking out the damage.
This last picture makes me laugh. Once in a while I am shocked by the age and size difference in our two children. Nine years, until September they are 10 years apart. Wow, a big'un and a litl'un. I don' think a day has gone by in the last few months that Micah has not stood next to me, obviously measuring my inferior height, and reveling in his, dreaming about how tall he will one day be.

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