Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday & Wrapping up the Week

My baptism, 1971
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Cloquet, MNDad, Mom & Me
Easter, 1974ish?

Facebook friends have probably seen these, but I felt like putting them on the blog anyway. I am kind of enamored this morning with the idea that things could be easier. We (people in general) just make things so complicated. Remember when you were young and you thought how you couldn't wait until you grew up because then you could do whatever you wanted? Of course you do! And, if you are over 30, are you laughing at the naivete of that idea? I'm still wondering when that's going to happen for me... So, no wisdom today, just working on making things simpler, and these pictures remind me of a simpler time.


I am more determined each day to recognize people I see making life a little brighter for the people around them. Or thanking people for making my life a little brighter. Or encouraging people... I think personal correspondence is a lost art. I know I stink at it, but I want to get better - who doesn't like getting a nice note in the mail that just says, 'I'm thinking of you!' ? And I'm a chronic card buyer. I love cards. But they don't do any good unless you send them to someone. duh! Anyone else do that? So... if you're nice to me, or nice near me, maybe you'll get a card telling you how I caught you at it! I don't even think I know the current postage rate...


Grace was having an (over-tired, over-stimulated) screaming fit on Wednesday because she wasn't going to get a sticker for something. Hubby calmly told her (way to go honey!) that it was a consequence of not doing what she was told. Grace, without missing a beat, yelled,

Don't we all? And don't you wish you could yell about it? Sometimes? I do.


Have a great weekend! I have next to nothing on my calendar, and I can't wait! Here's to a simpler life where people are recognized for loving on someone other than themselves and the consequences of disobedience are covered by grace!

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  1. Grace is a minature version of you! Some of your pictures from your childhood look so much like you I think I am looking at Grace. It's adorable