Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Look What I Can Do!

Grace had her first ballet/tap lesson tonight. Of course, she has been a ballerina in her head for a long time now, we are just letting it out to play. Last night we made a trip to Target to purchase tights, leotard & ballet slippers. All pink with a little skirt on the leotard. She wanted to sleep in them. Here are a few snippets of her amazing first official ballet experience.

When hubby found her trying to put her tights on OVER her leotard and told her they go UNDER: "Dad, you're not going to dance lessons - you don't know anything about dancing!"

"I'm so beautiful."

"Dada, I'm gorgeous!"

(who doesn't wish they could be free enough to say that about themselves?)

(This is the pose I got when I asked her to show me how pretty she is)

"Watch me twirl - it's a pirouette!"

"This is how I shuffle: one-two-three-four-shut-the-door!"

Little attitude here.

Checking herself out in the mirror the whole time.
(She IS beautiful, you know)

She had a ball, went right into the class without a hint of shyness, paid attention, tried really hard, checked herself out in the wall of mirrors at least 34 times and was sleeping 5 minutes after her head hit the pillow tonight!

A friend sent me this link about a feral ballerina - today was a great day, but this could be tomorrow. She is sleeping in a leotard tonight!

I feel like we are on the cusp of a great adventure! :o)