Monday, September 21, 2009

Kitchen Update

The kitchen is finally completely painted, though now I'm wishing I'd started with the ceiling, and my lovely friend Gretchen brought her Cricut over to cut out some letters for a quote to put on the soffit. She even put them up, much straighter than I ever could!Lovely Gretchen

I love how we chose three different fonts, and how they make sense with the rhythm of the words. And I love the quote by author Stephen Chalmers. It's not too sappy, or cute or over-quoted and it communicates how exactly I feel when I return home after a long day.

Out of the dreariness,
Into it's cheeriness,
Come we in weariness,

Hubby doesn't like it, at all, but he's being a good sport about it
because I love it. What a sweetie!


  1. your kitchen looks beautiful! Great work! And the quote is perfect!

  2. Thanks, Jolee! It makes me happy to be in the kitchen now - how strange is that? :o)