Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Day, Another Lesson

Our car is in the shop today.

Our computer hard drive blew, so it's in a different shop today.

We have a ton to do to get ready for not one, but two parties on Sunday:
An after church baptism celebration, and
A Super Bowl party with our small group.

With only one vehicle and a multitude of places to get to,
my family coming to the baptism, & cooking & cleaning to do
I'm feeling just a little bit sTrEsSeD!

I did go to the gym, ever so briefly, for a quick elliptical trip,
and then had to use the rest of my lunch hour for some personal calls
like finding out what the deal with the car is, figuring out rides, stuff...
But I went!

Tonight at small group I am beginning a new series on Community.

At the end of each study there is always an area for personal application.

Here's a couple of the questions for tonight:

When is it difficult for you to walk in the Light?
How could others in our group encourage you more in this area?
How can we practice confession & forgiveness in our small group?

And as the leader, I get to, need to be truthful and transparent.
And I am not feeling it today. I want to go home, eat lots of high calorie unhealthy stuff and turn on the TV and not think about all the stuff I am stressed about. Complete avoidance.

But there is a really tiny part of me that is excited to go, to go where people will care, to let God come in my insecurities & lack of trust, and bring healing.

Could it be that while I am leading others, God will come and help me through this muck; this place where I feel all alone & overwhelmed, and in seeing His healing, build their faith?

And I think that's the lesson for me today; trust that my Papa is in control when I don't feel it, might not even want it, and know that even through the crappy part of life, He redeems for His glory.

Could it be?


  1. Great insight. How did group go? How is your car and computer? And great job heading to the gym again!! Whoo-hoo!

  2. Jolee - you are so sweet! Group was pretty good - intro to community, I'm excited to dig into it! (How's yours going? Do you have many attendees this time?) Car & computer are both fixed, although the computer is not quite back to normal, the settings & stuff need to be reset...