Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Much To Say...

I feel pretty blah. Blah, blah, blah. Could be cabin fever, vitamin D deficiency, hormones, lack of sleep (thank you Olympics!), or something else altogether. This is what I do know:

I miss this boy
And again here:

And this girl
And again:

And I wish I could go away somewhere warm with this man
And remember to still have fun together

I wish it were easier.
I wish it was simple.


  1. Hi Kathy. Those are great pictures! Right now I am wishing our 2 year old would grow out of this phase. I need to enjoy this time with him more. Thank you for the reminder :) I think this time of year is hard around here.

  2. Can you do even a mini getaway with Michael?

    Isn't it so bittersweet to look at the younger days? They are so cute. You guys did good. ;)

  3. I think we will have to. Lately I look at couples holding hands and think *I* want to do that to! OK, I know I could, but we just don't make time - you know? At least I'm sad about it and thinking about it and want to DO something about it...