Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old Sweaters, Young Man

My dad has been gone for months, now. Last week Micah got a package in the mail from my step-mom. She went through Dad's sweaters looking for a cardigan of his since I mentioned Micah was asking for one from the mall. She sent four shirts. I love seeing him in these sweaters. They make me want to gather him in my arms and hug him. They don't smell like my dad, but I don't want to wash them. It's so strange. And sadly, Micah's not a hugger...

When people give my kids clothes I try to take a picture of them wearing it so the giver can see them in it. Here are the photos I shot to send to my step-mom.

Micah has expressions that remind me of my dad, especially when he laughs. Here's an old slide from the 70s I scanned of my dad:

and here's one a couple years old of Micah (the best photo I could find because now he only poses with a closed-mouth smile. Today, his face is more angular with a hint of whiskers and hormones have made his hair curlier...)

I love seeing my dad in my son.


  1. He bears a pretty remarkable resemblance! Wow!

  2. p.s. Loved this post. Micah is such a good looking kid.