Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A few things filling my days, outside of the usual.

Micah is in driver's ed now. I haven't had to take him yet, but the over-dinner time of the class means one of us runs him, and the other does the other running, of which there is plenty! I don't have a picture of driver's ed. But I wish I did. And I can't believe I have a kid old enough for driver's ed. Crazy.

After a girls only lunch date at the Olive Garden last Friday, Grace & I rode the Timber Twister at Spirit Mountain. Fun!

And cold. Two rides was definitely my limit. Grace kept telling me to go slower, not because she was afraid but because she wanted it to last longer!

And I was a sucker for the over-priced photo because I wanted to remember our fun day.

And now the Girl Scout cookies are in. Grace sold over 300. 'Sold' should be in quotations because really, Girl Scout cookies sell themselves. People are really happy to buy a memory.

I love that each cookie is in a different color box and Grace really helped me sort these. I'd call out, "Green green orange purple blue!" and she'd get all the boxes for that order ready. I'd rubber band and label them.

We finished off a whole box of Tagalongs last night. I only ate 3. And yep, I still call them by the old names.

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  1. Your girls day sounded like such fun. Love the pic of you guys. :) I still call them samoas, too. ;)