Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

I love looking at old photos, no matter how old! My dad visited last summer and we had the opportunity to talk about photos of he and my mom before I was even born! Names and places I hadn't heard in years came back and parts of my history were just a little more filled in and a bit more colorful. What an unexpected blessing! And who doesn't love to look at pictures of their kids when they were little (littl-er) ? So, I thought I'd devote a day to looking at at least one to jog my memory and be thankful! Besides, who doesn't love how alliterative 'Flashback Friday' is?

Here's a not-so-old one of Micah and Grace at about 9.5 and 7 months. I love the look of love on Micah's big brother face and the putting-up-with-it, squirmy look almost erupting on Grace's face. Micah has since graduated to the get-out-of-my-room-and-leave-my-stuff-alone phase of a typical 13 year old and Grace has perfected the all-about-me attitude of most 4 year olds. But I love to see them loving each other like this.

And since I'm thinking of my kids loving each other, here's another one. This is right after Grace was born. Micah and Dad got to spend these first few minutes with her before I did.

I think I'll go home and hug my kids! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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