Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today Starts with a Downer

1) I'm going to be 40, not in the next year, but soon enough.

2) My 20 year high school reunion is this August.

3) I just got my first pair of bifocals, love being able to see, hate the idea that I need them.

4) I need to lose weight (see #2), a lot of weight but I won't put a number here.

5) My hair is grayer each & every day. And the gray ones have a weird texture - who else has noticed this???

6) And I don't like the cut, I have a friend who says I live in 'Hair Hell.' She's right.

7) I am the parent of a teenager.

8) I am the parent of a 4 year old.

9) I live in a recession and could use a bump in my monthly income.

10) I have nothing to wear.

11) The cooking, cleaning & laundry never seem to end.

12... So obviously this day has been a bummer. Not sure why. Work is busy keeping one part of my brain busy and seems like this makes the negative stuff rattle around in the other part... Then I heard the song 'Mirror' by Barlow Girl and I thought that was just perfect! Here's a snippet:

Who are you to tell me
That I'm less than what I should be?
Who are you? Who are you?
I don't need to listen...

Mirror I am seeing a new reflection
I'm looking into the eyes of He who made me
And to Him I have beauty beyond compare
I know He defines me

You don't define me, you don't define me!

I realized I was buying into crap. So I won't. I have a few blogs I follow. One is the Way of the Moth and the author, Tattoo Girl (don't you love that moniker?), ends every entry with the word 'PREVAIL.' I like that. I won't steal it from her, but will choose to prevail. God gets to say who I am. He gets to say what I do. He whispers how He loves me. I choose to listen. I will choose to follow and act. I know who wins. I will prevail, because He will.

That's it for this 'black Tuesday'!

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  1. Hi Kathy!
    The gray hairs? Mine are all wiry and kinky and stick straight up when they first come in.

    I love what you wrote about God getting to say who you are. It's so true!! And I really like the song you quoted (if that's the right word)