Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Non-Negotiables

Having non-negotiables is (apparently) a great way to know what you know, have a response predetermined in various situations, and rest in where you currently are. I thought I'd give a shot at listing some of my non-negotiables. There are two kinds I am primarily interested in. 1) What I know for sure about God and B) what I know is right for me. (Remember when Paul on 'Mad About You' counted like that? I still think it's amusing... I miss that show!) I fully expect these lists to grow, but this is a start.

Things I Know about God

* God is good. All the time. Anything bad that happens is not God punishing me or anyone else. It's a result of sin in the world, even my own sin, and I will trust that He will use all things for His good purpose. I admit I frequently have an entitled, why'me attitude and when this creeps up on me I will rest in the fact that GOD IS GOOD.

* He loves little old me. Father God would send His Son Jesus to die again, even if it were only for me. I am worth it. I will try and wrap my mind and heart around that and walk in it!

* He forgives me, He forgives me, He forgives me. Enough said.

* God's Holy Spirit is in me, leading, guiding, correcting, healing, teaching...

more to come for this list....

Truths I need to walk in daily

* What I put into my body matters, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I need to be careful about what I am cultivating in my life and remember that I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.

* My husband and children are blessings in my life and each moment together, no matter what we are doing, is precious. Take advantage of these times. Things like dishes, laundry and TV are not more important.

* It's OK to be broken. Only when I allow myself to see this, and let other people see it, can God fix it. I want to be fixed!

more on this one later, too, I'm sure...

These are just the non-negotiables on the very top of my list, off the top of my head. Now that they are down on paper, I can set them asaide and let the next batch filter through. Do you have non-negotiables? What are they? How do you walk them out?

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