Sunday, March 29, 2009

Parenting Tidbits

I have a short fuse. As you can imagine, by the end of the day I have little patience when putting Grace to bed. After the fight over what to have for a snack, the teeth brushing and flossing war, finding blankie and getting pajamas on, I'm ashamed to say that I could usually open her bedroom door, toss her on the bed and quickly exit. (Well, that should forestall anyone asking me to babysit anytime soon!) I do have visions about a sweet time where we snuggle up and share great parts of our day, and once and a while it happens, just not nearly often enough. So the other night I was trying to get Grace to lay down so we could pray and I could get some down time and she just wouldn't lay down. In exasperation I finally asked her what was her deal and she sweetly said that if she laid down (tummy sleepers, both of us) and Jesus was in her heart, then when we prayed, Jesus wouldn't be able to hear her! How sweet is that! So we laughed and talked about how God, who is Jesus, or Jesus who is one of three parts of God (to a four year old!) can hear us all the time whenever, wherever, audibly or not and how amazing that is! And then she laid down and thanked God for her day and the fun she had and how she loves Him. I would have missed it if I'd just thrown her in her bed - I'm glad I didn't! (And just for the record, I never have.)