Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few Grace-isms

Grace has been so funny lately, it's hard to remember all the things she says and does that make us laugh. Here are a few overheard this weekend.

As I was trying to get her to hurry and get in the shower on Sunday morning, Grace stripped, ran into the bathroom, then exclaimed with great expression, hand movements & arm waving, "CRAP!!! Daddy's already in the shower!" (Dad needs to say 'crap' less, way less, evidently.)

But it made us laugh.


Then at supper Grace did something (wish I could remember what that was!) and it reminded us of that comment in the morning so we told Micah about it. Grace had already finished her meal and was in the living room as we laughed about what she said and we could hear this, getting progressively louder,
I can hear you in there talking about me.
I don't like when you talk about me.
Stop talking about me.
You should SHUT UP!!!
We don't use 'shut up' at our house, or try not to, but she sure got the context right.


And a conversation between grace & I as we decorated the tree:

G: Mom, can you hand me that wreath ornament?
M: (hands her the ornament)
G: Thanks, Mom! That was worshiping Jesus.
M: What???
G: When I ask you to do something and you do it, you are listening to me and that's a way we worship Jesus!
M: Really?!?

OK, we have discussed that when children obey their parents, that is a way we worship Jesus and a way we make God happy. Evidently this also works when parents do whatever children say? (I don't think so!)

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  1. That girl is hilarious Kathy. Love the Worshipping Jesus conversation!!