Monday, December 14, 2009

Grace-isms, Take 2!

OK - I remembered another one, and now she just said another goofy thing, too...

In a conversation about Jesus as a baby, this was discussed:

M - Jesus came to Earth as a baby...
G - who never, ever did anything wrong, not even crying!
M - Is crying wrong?
G - Yes!
M - What about when Jesus was a baby and He wanted to let His mommy know He was hungry?
G - Jesus never ate at all until he could talk!
M - What about when He wanted to let His mommy know He had a really messy diaper?
G - Jesus didn't wear diapers!
Hubby - Yah! Jesus was potty trained from the womb!


And then tonight I grabbed the children's Bible when Grace was already thinking I should read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and this is what she said
I already know all about how Jesus was born! He was born, and then his mom put Him in a manger and He laid there and laid there and laid there!
Eloquent, isn't she? We read them both.

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