Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot Air Candy / Angel Food Candy

I remember begging my mom for some of this candy when I would see it in a store when I was young. Usually in the mom&pop variety store, homemade, sittin' on the counter in a baggie, just waiting to jump in my pocket! And then I grew up and found out my great aunt made this, and was willing to share the recipe.
I love this stuff! The inside is a light, crunchy, sugary yumm like this:
And then it's dipped in a mixture of milk & semi-sweet chocolate goodness.
And then it sits overnight (because it's already almost midnight!) to let it set up (harden), putting chairs all around it and pushing it back from the edge of the table...
and the dog still eats 1/3 of it over night
And did I mention that I stayed up WAY too late the last couple nights making this, because I need it for a cookie exchange tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest?

So I am on my way home early today to dip more candy in chocolate. Good thing I have more:
Sometimes I dip it in butterscotch or white chocolate
instead of the regular chocolate
for my chocolate-hating teenager.

Here's the recipe. Let me know if you make it!


  1. This is my favorite candy! I usually eat so much my mouth gets sore. I can't believe your dog ate some of it. Oh man!

    I may have to try and make this allergen free. I think I may be able to with the butterscotch chips...will need to look into it. Or with white chocolate. yum!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  2. =0)
    I hope it works out for you! Both Micheal and Micah like it dipped in other flavors - I hope you do too! Then you can spread it around on the allergen free blogs... You'll be so popular (cuz everyone will love it!)

  3. I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Hot Air Candy and I never have time to make it, nor do I usually have access to it or all the ingredients. Oh, please do savor a LOT of it for me! I'm drooling just looking at your post! :)

  4. Danika - Next time you are in the states, I wouls LOVE to make some for you! Do you think it would ship? Hmmmm?