Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm so Happy

All the people I walked by on my way into work this morning must think I'm a nut! I'm just so happy. I was trying to figure out why, here are a few of the reasons I came up with:
  • Cookie Exchanges. I finished the Hot Air Candy last night, dropped it off this morning, and will have 7 dozen other Christmas cookies when I get home.
  • More than enough Hot Air Candy, extra to give away, and a dog that was not sick.
  • A group of men's men (the mechanic variety, by the looks of some of their matching, logo-ed work clothes) having an early morning Bible study/small group in the middle of a bustling coffee shop. I overheard something like, "When that happens to me, I feel like God is teaching me..." Pursuing Jesus in public.
  • A steaming hot Campfire Dark Chocolate Mocha from Caribou Coffee. Delish.
  • On a blizzard-y morning.
  • Driving to work in the blowing, drifting snow.
  • The crunchy, scrunchy sound of my boots in the snow this morning.
  • The wind. Most everyone else seems to cringe away from it if at all possible and I want to turn into the wind, throw my arms wide and laugh. I LOVE the wind.
  • Wearing comfy, warm Ugg-like boots all day at work.
  • A good morning with kids, a not-screaming Grace and an unhurried Micah, thank you, Jesus!
  • A little more sleep last night
  • A clean kitchen
  • A new oven on order
  • Dance class tonight for Grace, this just generally makes everyone's day better, which probably bears some thought. Later.
  • Small group tonight, hangin' with friends, talking about Jesus, inviting the Holy Spirit, letting God have His way.
  • In 4 weeks I'll be starting my own small group - excited and thankful, anticipating what God will do in a new group, looking forward to new relationships.
  • Less on the schedule after today.
  • Decorating for Christmas at home, getting a tree, setting up the Godzilla Christmas village.
  • Sitting in the dark, sipping chai, watching the Christmas tree lights twinkle. I haven't done this yet, but I'm happy to think about it happening soon!
  • Releasing expectations for a commercial x-mas, and celebrating Christmas!
  • Accomplishing things at work, which I must go do now - the work day starts!
It's not Multitude Monday, which I missed this week, but I am counting these anyway! Thank you for numbers 142-162 above! Papa, You amaze me!

holy experience

Have a fabulous day!

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