Monday, December 14, 2009

Thankful ♥ during Advent

holy experience

143. Word now breaking heaven's silence. Advent.

145.146. A decorated tree - something so soothing, so safe and comforting about sitting in front of a lit tree in a warm, clean house while the snow blows outside. (and the kids are asleep!)Our tree is a modge-podge of homemade ornaments that Micah would like thrown out (No - they'll be in his keepsake box someday) to Hallmark ornaments I received each year as I was growing up. Grace was SO excited to decorate!

147. I am not pregnant. No, we didn't have a 'maybe', but this is what I looked like after tree decorating thanks to a pine tree allergy:
And that, and worse, is what I looked like everywhere the last three months of my first pregnancy. I had PUPPs (new hypothesis is that male fetal DNA acts as a skin irritant). And this reminded me so much of being pregnant, not sleeping for the awful itching/burning, that I am thankful to not be in this state today! And I'm sure my hubby is happy he doesn't have to stop me from itching all night long!

148. Christmas memories like the tree skirt below. Hubby's Gram crocheted this for us and gave it to me at a bridal shower before our wedding in 1992. It's double crocheted with the date embroidered on it. And the snowman I made years ago, one for me, one for my mom, and not because it's so great, but because she liked it.
Thankful that Mary
149. was highly favored,
150. faithful,
151. trusting,
152. and courageous,
153. gave God all the glory for meddling in her plans.

154. Thankful that God has opportunities for me in which I, too, can say, "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said." What a privilege to serve. I tend to kick, scream & dig my heals in - that tomorrow I may have one more opportunity to gently acquiesce to the Father's plans in my life is reason to rejoice! Oh that I could learn from Mary.

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